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Le Vian leads in industry in trendsetting with innovative designs and "deliciously flavored" exotic gemstones and diamonds. Featuring innovative looks and expert crafting, Le Vian has a deep passion for finding the most beautiful, rare diamonds and gemstones. Le Vian presents "Raspberry Rhodolite™," "Vanilla Diamonds™," "Chocolate Diamonds™" and "14kt Strawberry Gold.

neck1 (19K) neck2 (21K) neck3 (27K) neck4 (24K) neck5 (27K) neck6 (21K)
ring1 (28K) ring4 (22K) ring2 (28K) ring6 (28K) ring5 (28K) ring3 (28K)
ear1 (25K) ear2 (26K) ear3 (29K)

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