Guide to Necklace Styles (Part I)

To select necklaces that are based on style and your body type, your best bet is to visit a jewelry store like Kingston Fine Jewelry whose staff are experienced and knowledgeable professionals. There, with their help, you can try on a variety of necklace styles to determine what looks right on you.

Necklace Lengths & Styles

1- Necklaces near your collar:
Collar - 12-14 - Sits above the neck bone, directly against the throat.
Choker - 14-16 - Rests at the base of the neck on the neck bone.
Princess - 17-19 - Hits below the neck bone.

2- Necklaces near your bust:
Matinee - 20-25 - Falls from below the collarbone to the bust.
Necklaces below your bust to your navel:
Opera - 26-36 - Hangs below the bust and is long enough to wear as single strand or wrap as double strand, or knot at the neck.
Rope - 37 and longer - Longest necklace length, when unwrapped or tied these will fall below the navel.

When necklace shopping for necklaces with beads, gemstones or pearls, consider if you want a uniform style where all stones are about the same size or graduated where the size changes uniformly (usually increasing) from the ends to the center.

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