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Nina Nguyen jewelry helps a woman define her own style with colorful and artistic creations while embracing earth-conscious materials. Inspired by organic gemstones, her current collection's focus is on the fossilized and mineralized stones that slowly develop through the planet's natural processes. Currently her favorite raw materials are geodes, stalactites, and fossilized ammonites.

necklace1 (29K) earrings1 (26K) bracelet5 (43K)
earrings2 (39K) necklace2 (32K) bracelet3 (25K)
earrings4 (29K) bracelet4 (29K) ring3 (22K)
ring2 (28K) ring4 (18K) necklace3 (28K)
ring1 (34K) bracelet1 (34K) earrings5 (34K)

Nina Nguyen Designs strives to empower women not only with fashionable, one-of-a-kind pieces, but also by fostering career opportunities for women in the US and her birth county, Vietnam. Each piece is designed by Nina and handcrafted by skilled artisans in her Women's Co-Operative in Vietnam. The women there are given professional training both for their work and also in life skills. They are paid higher-than-average wages and full benefits and receive education for their children.

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