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Pearl Jewelry
Types of Cultured Pearls  Tahitian Pearl Jewelry

Pearl necklaces are available in a variety of lengths and in a wide selection of millimeters. Pearl bracelets and earrings available to mix and match. At Kingston Fine Jewelry, selecting pearls to offer our customers is a serious business. We deal only with the most reputable pearl importers. Our selections are based on lustre, tones, and purity. We look for lustre and orient in the shadow area of the pearl, not in the area upon which the light is shining. Our pearls are selected for clear color tones. We examine them for cracks, chips and disfiguring blemishes. We make the best choices, so we can offer you the finest selection.

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We have a complete line of pearl necklaces, in a variety of lengths, and pearl sizes.
You may also choose from matching pearl earrings,
from simple one-pearl studs to more elaborate pearl and diamond creations and bracelets.

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Building a pearl necklace is an affordable way of designing a beautiful Akoya cultured pearl necklace. A popular tradition for many generations, you can add pearls for special occasions until the necklace is complete. You can choose to add pearls individually, allowing you to increase your collection one at a time, or you can add the pearls an inch at a time. Your complete custom built pearl necklace will, without a doubt, become a prized heirloom.

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