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VIVA LA GIOIA is the first Italian brand specialized in tennis bracelets made from 1KTGOLD® with natural gemstones. Giving new life to the classic tennis bracelet, VIVA LA GIOIA, made in Italy, brings you elegance, innovation and up-to-date style through a colorful and trendy collection inspired by joy and positivity.

A modern and casual 1/3 tennis bracelet accompanied by a nautical cord in bright colors.
Prices range from $179 (for spinel stones) to $219 (for topaz stones).
capri_blue_topaz_and_blue_cord (29K)
capri_paradiso_and_green_cord (23K)

capri_pink_topaz_and_light_pink_cord (23K)
capri_red_topaz_and_bordeaux_cord (21K)

capri_cocktail_and_lightblue_cord (21K)
capri_azzurro_and_blue_cord (22K)

A bracelet in the classic tennis style model, set with natural gemstones in a variety of colors.
Prices range from $329 (for spinel stones) to $399 (for topaz stones).
bracelet_portofino_azzurro (36K)
bracelet_portofino_blue_topaz (27K)

bracelet_portofino_paradiso (37K)
bracelet_portofino_red_topaz (36K)

bracelet_portofino_red_topaz (36K)
bracelet_portofino_sunset (32K)

1ktGOLD® is an alloy composed of 1 karat of gold, silver and other metals. It is available in the traditional yellow, white and pink gold colors and has as much brilliance, allure and softness as 18kt gold. 1ktGOLD® alloy has been internationally patented by VIVA LA GIOIA® at the European patent office. 1ktGOLD® provides a brilliant response to strict demand of the new generations, combining with expertise, luxury and accessibility in the same metal.

The bracelets are Nickel free, 100% hypoallergenic. The metal will hold its color and does not tarnish.
We invite you to come into the store to see the collections for yourself.

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